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     Why Silk over Fresh Flowers ?

As you start to plan your wedding, flowers become an important part of the preparations. Modern brides have yet another choice before them, whether to choose silk or fresh flowers for their wedding day.  Silk flowers catch the eye of many brides who discover their many benefits over fresh.  

Silk, Real Touch and Floramatique florals/bouquets are the hottest trend in the floral industry and are in high demand by today’s brides. New technology has made it possible for artificial flowers to create the illusion and duplicate the effects of fresh cut flowers. The advantages for silk flowers over fresh flowers are endless.


Here are the top 10 reasons to choose silk flowers:


Won't wilt or turn brown in the heat or soil you beautiful wedding gown. They always look fresh


Extensive variety of colors and styles


Are everlasting and non-seasonal


Lighter to carry than fresh


Less expensive than fresh, no need to spend additional money on preservation costs


Easily transported and perfect for destination weddings, you can also bring them back as a keepsake of your destination wedding




Petals will not drop or fall apart


Can receive them weeks in advance of the ceremony


Do not attract bees and other insects