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My wedding plans had changed and I had 3 weeks (instead of 3 months) to plan a whole new wedding at another location! The new wedding was taking place in Vancouver instead of Toronto. I really wanted real touch flowers for my bouquet, but no one in Vancouver did them, only 2 companies in Toronto. I contacted the first company (who shall remain nameless), and like the first time I dealt with them several months ago, were not willing to accommodate for ONE bouquet and ONE boutonniere.

I found Jen from Treasured Moments and decide to give it a shot- thinking that there's no way someone would make me a bouquet during wedding season with what was 2 weeks left!

Jen replied very quickly, and said that even though it is very short notice she would still squeeze me in. She ordered the flowers right away, put the bouquet together and sent me pictures over email while she was making it (which I LOVED.)

My brother who was coming from Toronto to Vancouver for the wedding was going to pick up the bouquet ON HIS WAY TO THE AIRPORT so it was very crucial the exchange is on time. Jen was more than willing to drive from Barrie to one of the busiest malls in Toronto to meet with my brother -- she was on time, no fuss, no hassle.

When I received the bouquet in Vancouver from my brother, I fell in love. It was absolutely beautiful and exactly what I asked for. Everyone at the wedding loved it and it looks AMAZING in our pictures.

What I loved about Jen was that she was a very sweet person on email. She's like a really good friend helping me plan my special day -- there was a personality behind the emails. The other company was very robotic, too "business-y" if you will, and not very friendly/relatable. I would most definitely recommend Treasured Moments to Anyone!!! Thanks Jen, you were awesome (and I've never even met you!)


July 22, 2009




I found Jenn through Kijiji and since the day I emailed her, she has been a great help. Upon meeting with her and chosing the flowers, I knew I had found the right person to do this for me. She had the flowers ready in good time and they looked absolutely GORGEOUS.Everyone loved them and I couldn't imagine never have finding Jenn.

Tera & Dan

July 15th, 2009



This was the easiest and best quality part of my wedding. Jenn is very flexable and able to incorporate your dreams into a wonderful reality. The wedding was an hour from where I live so the real touch flowers were perfect. I got them well in advance of the wedding - one less thing to worry about on the day. No one knew they weren't real, even after feeling them. The best part is now the bridal party has a keepsake of the wedding that won't wilt.


May 23, 2009 



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